Fast Software, LLC introduces its Frontline Advanced Software Technologies line of computer software. It is the quickest and easiest to use software of its type on the market. It was developed specifically to help those who serve on the frontlines throughout our communities.
Fire Forms Fast (F³) has been developed for use in volunteer, municipal and other governmental fire departments. In no more time than it takes to hold  your weekly meeting, your  entire squad can be trained in the use of .

Must use Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.
Internet Explorer will not work.

Incident Cost Recovery Benifits
·         Immediate added revenue
·         The ability to offer improved services for the residents of Jemison
·         Incomparable transparency and accountability for fire department service claims. Click Here for more info .
Free on-line installation and training. We provide you a live contact to train as many personnel as you decide. We can train all of your personnel within a two hour on-line training session.  If you have a question we provide a help line to talk you through any problem you may have.

FAST Software’s flexibility allows it to offer the industry’s quickest response to customer service inquiries. If FAST receives as few as two similar questions regarding the use of its software, it immediately modifies its software to make the process more understandable.